Here’s what we DO:

1. We look at stories and events out of South Asia. Our playing field: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Tibet, The Maldives, Bangladesh and Burma (we like it better than Myanmar).

2. We post daily and we post as often as we can.

3. We post stuff that we find rivetting. We’re guided solely by our personal tastes.

4. We believe in ethical blogging: all stories link to the original source. All tips and suggestions are gratefully acknowledged.

5. We welcome comments, ideas, story suggestions and criticism (though we prefer praise) and will look for your mail at: asianwindowteam [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Now, here’s what we DON’T do: We don’t (usually) post original content. We’re a filter blog.

This is who we are:

Shekhar Bhatia has launched and edited more newspapers than he cares to remember. His last assignment was with the Hindustan Times as its editor.
Namita Bhandare quit full-time journalism to be a full-time mom. Her first book (co-authored with Vir Sanghvi) is a biography, A life: Madhavrao Scindia, published by Penguin and released in March 2009. Namita writes a fortnightly column for Hindustan Times and spends way too much time on the Net.

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