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Taco Bell: Coming soon

Taco Bell will soon open its first outlet in India. Dave Prager, a New Yorker who has been living in Delhi with his wife Jenny, wrote this piece for Caravan. We found it on their delightful blog, our delhi struggle. Sad they are moving out of India. We will miss their posts. Do read the one on how they had a Bollywood movie poster made of themselves. And here’s the Taco Bell piece:

Taco Bell is to Mexican food, however, what Starbucks is to a Paris coffeehouse: a uniquely American derivative that has evolved to resemble its inspiration in name only. You can trace its pedigree back to Mexico, sure, but what Taco Bell serves today is a mutt: Mexican food crossbred with generations of focus groups, cost-cutting innovation, and manufacturing techniques to breed a beast far removed from the original. A Taco Bell taco, with its crispy corn shell containing ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, is a remarkable feat of American engineering: the product of decades of research that have squeezed every spare cent of material and every extra second of labor out of creating it. More: