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In India, a love story turns into a political drama

An Indian politician, a Hindu, became a Muslim to marry his mistress; Then things got messy. Yaroslav Trofimov in The Wall Street Journal:


Chander Mohan and his second wife, Anuradha Bali, in December. PTI image

As India was reeling from the Mumbai terrorist attacks in December, Chander Mohan, deputy chief minister of the northern state of Haryana, made a shocking announcement.

Mr. Mohan, whose overwhelmingly Hindu state of 23 million people is among India’s most prosperous, declared that he had converted to Islam. The 43-year-old father of two added that he had also just wed a second wife, another Muslim convert.

What’s happened since has all the trappings of a Bollywood plot, replete with an alleged kidnapping and mysterious disappearances. The drama’s serious subtext shows how crucial religious identity remains in a country that bills itself as the world’s largest secular democracy.