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Pakistan’s rich list

This list of 44 of Pakistan’s richest people was posted at the blog Teeth Maestro and was compiled before Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

Asif Ali Zardari (net worth £900 million) comes in at #2 and his ‘industry’ is listed as politics. His assets are said to come from kickbacks, including $200 m from Dassault for the purchase of 32 Mirage jets while his wife was Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif along with Shahbaz Sharif weighs in at #4 after being forced to forfeit $9 m and other assets when he was deposed in 1999.

The list does not include Pakistan’s military millionaires (see post elsewhere on this site).

The post has generated a fair amount of debate and comment (including those on its authenticity), but for whatever it’s worth, here it is:

Short-listing Pakistan’s most influential business magnates or Groups has never been an easy task because there are the people who have been very powerful in nearly every regime that has held this country’s reins since the last 60 years and then we have had those seasonal species that maneuvered their voice to be heard better than most within the power corridors, but later vanished into the oblivion for one reason or the other. We have selected only those tycoons who have made their presence felt for a better part of country’s history, have earned consistently, have been setting up units at regular intervals or have been legends in stocks, currency or real estate business.