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Misplaced fears

An editorial in The Hindu on The Indian Express report about two key military units moving unexpectedly towards Delhi on the night of 16 January (see post below):

“Nobody is using the ‘C’ word to imply anything other than ‘curious’. All else is considered an impossibility,” the Indian Express wrote. If this is so, then why was the report, which consumed the entire front page and was accompanied by a sensational headline, so overplayed? In doing so, it has run the risk of being read for innuendos and insinuations rather than for the facts — which is exactly what has transpired given the reaction to the story. The controversy over General Singh’s age, which seems to have morphed into unrelated disputes about bribery and leaks of sensitive documents, has strengthened the impression that civil-military relations are inflamed. It is important to lower the temperature at this moment, not fan the flames. Read full edit here