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Love triangle


"Once Neeraj Grover (bottom right) was dead, Emile Jerome Mathew (top right) slapped his girlfriend Maria Susairaj (left) several times and then, according to her statement, raped her twice."

In The Indian Express, Smita Nair on a crime of passion:

On the night of May 6, 2008, Grover, an executive in a TV production company, dropped in at Susairaj’s newly rented, one-room flat at Dheeraj Solitaire, a lavish building in Malad, Mumbai. She needed help moving in. He decided to spend the night there.

Susairaj and Grover are said to have been “seeing each other” after he had promised her a role in Mahabharat, a TV serial. His friends would later tell the Crime Branch that he was in love with her. Susairaj’s confession would put it as “purely one-sided”.

The same night, Susairaj got a call from Mathew, her boyfriend from her schooldays. Mathew, a naval officer in Kochi, could hear laughter and Grover asking Susairaj jokingly, “Is that your boyfriend?”

But for that call, Mathew might have gone on with a bright career. Now, he was furious. He got a friend to drive him 45 km to the airport for a 3.45 am flight to Mumbai. He told his friend his girlfriend was upset and needed him, but not that they had quarreled when she refused to throw Grover out of her house, or that she had switched her cell off.

At the other end, Susairaj and Grover went to sleep at 4 am; the prosecution says this was after they had had sex. When Mathew arrived, he found Grover, allegedly naked, in Susairaj’s bedroom. According to her confession, he slashed the screaming Grover’s throat, stabbed him in the chest. More:

Update: On Friday, a Mumbai court sentenced Emile Jerome to ten years in jail for the murder of Neeraj Grover. Maria Susairaj was given a maximum three years’ imprisonment which she has already served during trial. and walked free on Saturday.

Later, at a press conference: “Grover’s body was cut into four pieces only, not 300, as the prosecution has claimed.”