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Bahok: Storytelling on a global scale

akramkhan.jpgBorn in the UK of Bangladeshi origin, award winning choreographer Akram Khan is skilled in Kathak and classical ballet. His new work Bahok (Bengali for ‘carrier’) is a collaboration with the National Ballet of China. It will be performed at Birmingham as pasrt of the International Dance Festival.

Read the review in The Telegraph, UK:

The scene is a dingy departure lounge. People sit around waiting to leave, anxiously watching the information display for news, their feet and hands flicking in unconscious ticks of boredom and agitation.

Then a girl starts talking; she is the kind of woman you avoid in public places such as these. Confused and distressed, she clutches pieces of paper which she consults as she tries to imagine her home. This is the starting point for Akram Khan’s Bahok.

Below, a three-minute documentary trailer: