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The slain governor: ‘he should have watched his word’

In Pakistan, response to the assassination of liberal Punjab governor Salman Taseer has ranged from the frankly jubilant to the more muted, well, he had it coming. Many Pakistanis believe the governor’s critique of blasphemy laws made his death if not justifiable then at least understandable. And some went further…In The Guardian Mohammad Hanif has the story.

Minutes after the murder of the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province Salmaan Taseer I saw a veteran Urdu columnist on a news channel. He was being what, in breaking news jargon, is called a “presenter’s friend”. “It is sad of course that this has happened but . . .”

I watched in the desperate hope that he wouldn’t go into the ifs and buts of a brutal murder in the middle of Pakistan‘s capital. By this time we knew that Governor Taseer had been shot dead by a man in police uniform, probably one of his own police guards. The news ticker on screen informed us that the postmortem was under way. Later we would find out that he took 27 bullets. Not a single shot was fired by his security detail. It seemed too early for analysis, but the presenter’s friend looked mildly smug, as if he had been mulling over arguments in his head long before the governor was shot. Although it wasn’t required, the presenter egged him on. “But you see these are sensitive matters. He should have watched his words. He shouldn’t have spoken so carelessly.” more

Pakistan must face up to the enemy within, writes Praveen Swami in The Telegraph. Read that story here.

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