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Aarushi Talwar: a nightmare with no end

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar at the Ghaziabad court

On Headlines Today, Harinder Baweja speaks to an emotional Rajesh and Nupur Talwar a few hours after a special CBI court added a new twist to the Aarushi Talwar murder case by naming the teenager’s parents as accused. “I did everything they asked me to,” says a sobbing Rajesh Talwar. “We are parents who have lost our precious child. Why are they doing this to us?”

See that interview here.

The Talwars who were opposing the CBI’s closure report and seeking fresh investigation into the case will now appear as accused. The special court will remand the case to a sessions court for framing of charges and the subsequent trials of the Talwars in the two-year-old murder case.

The 13-year-old Aarushi Talwar was found dead with her throat slit in the bedroom of her Noida flat on May 16, 2008. After first declaring that the prime suspect in the murder was the family’s servant, Hemraj, Uttar Pradesh police quickly retracted when the body of Hemraj was found a day later, upstairs in the terrace of the same building. Probing an honour killing angle, Rajesh Talwar was arrested for the two murders. Lie detector and narco tests conducted on both parents have proved to be inconclusive and on December 29, 2010, the CBI filed a closure report in the twin murders, clearing the servants but pointing a finger of suspicion at the parents.

To make matters worse, on January 25, Rajesh Talwar was attacked by a deranged man with a cleaver in the Ghaziabad court premises.

With every new twist to the plot, justice for Aarushi seems to be getting more and more remote.

More details on this case here.

And read the CBI’s closure report here.


  • May 16, 2008: Aarushi Talwar found murdered in her bedroom. Domestic help Hemraj, who was missing, suspected as the killer.
  • May 17: Hemraj’s body found on the terrace of Talwars’ residential building.
  • May 18: Police suspect “insider job” as the murders were done “with surgical precision”.
  • May 19: Talwar’s former domestic help Vishnu Sharma named suspect.
  • May 21: Delhi Police joins murder probe.
  • May 22: Family comes under suspicion, as police probe honour killing angle. The police quiz Aarushi’s close friend.
  • May 23: Aarushi’s father Rajesh Talwar arrested as a key accused.
  • June 1: CBI takes over the probe in the case.
  • June 13: Talwar’s domestic help Krishna arrested by CBI.
  • June 20: Lie detection test of Rajesh Talwar conducted at Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Delhi.
  • June 25: Second lie detection test conducted on Nupur Talwar. Her first lie detection test was found inconclusive.
  • June 26: CBI declares it a “blind case”. Rajesh Talwar denied bail by a special Ghaziabad magistrate.
  • July 3: Supreme Court rejects a PIL challenging the administration of narco-analysis test on the accused in the case.
  • July 12: Rajesh Talwar freed on bail from Ghaziabad jail.
  • January 5, 2010: CBI moves court to conduct narco test on Talwar couple.
  • December 29: CBI submits closure report. Gives clean chit to servants, but points fingers at parents.
  • January 25, 2011: Utsav Sharma, the alleged attacker of Ruchika Girhotra molester — former Haryana DGP S.P.S. Rathore — attacks Rajesh Talwar with a cleaver on Ghaziabad court premises.
  • February 9: Court takes cognisance of CBI report and asks it to continue with prosecution charging Aarushi’s parents with murder and destruction of evidence.

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Aarushi murder: It wasn’t the dad

[Updated July 21]

Posted by Namita Bhandare: Breaking Noose: Where did the media go wrong in its coverage of the Aarushi murder case, should they say sorry and will it even begin to compensate the Talwars for what they’ve been put through? Post your responses. (This column first appeared in Hindustan Times on July 15.)

On national networks, TV anchors and editors Deepak Chaurasia and Ashutosh are clear: the media have nothing to apologise about in the Rajesh Talwar case. Now that the doctor, once accused of murdering his daughter, is out on bail for lack of evidence, you’d imagine that he’s trying to pick up the pieces of his life and get on with it. No such luck. The murder of Aarushi Talwar continues to make news. On the day of Dr Talwar’s release, more than a hundred camera crews waited outside jail, followed his car to the temple where he and his wife went to pray and then set up camp outside his father-in-law’s house.

It’s been high season for the media for the past two months since 14-year-old Aarushi  and the family’s servant, Hemraj, were found murdered in Noida. In the days that Dr Talwar was in jail, charges of sexual aberrations, intimate, personal details (much of it baseless), SMSes received and sent, and emails between Aarushi and her parents have flown fast and furious. Nothing has been sacrosanct — though some newspapers and channels did restrain themselves from publishing the more salacious leaks. Others, however, did away with such niceties. If one channel ran an MMS that purported to show Aarushi undressing in the presence of an unknown man (it was not Aarushi), others had anchors painting their hands red as they spoke solemnly about the “khooni baap”.


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The story so far: A 14-year-old girl, Aarushi Talwar, and the family’s domestic help, Hemraj, are found murdered in an apartment in Delhi’s suburb, Noida. The police arrests Aarushi’s father Rajesh Talwar, a dentist, for the murders. The police claimed that he killed them after finding Aarushi in an ‘objectionable position but not compromising state’ with Hemraj.

After many bizarre theories, unsubstantiated allegations and endless mudslinging, the case is handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Fifty days later: The innocent father is freed from custody. After subjecting him to lie-detector and narco-analysis tests, CBI says it has no evidence against him. The murders, says the Bureau, were committed by three persons: a domestic help working in the area where the Talwars live, the domestic help of the family’s friends, and Talwar’s compounder.

[Photo: Rajesh Talwar with his wife Nupur after he was released from jail.]

Click here and here for more, and here for ‘Where is the murder weapon?’:

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Aarushi murder: Two funerals and a hundred blunders

[Updated September 10]

117 days after the murders of Aarushi Talwar and her family’s servant, Hemraj, India’s top criminal investigation agency finally admits that it simply doesn’t have evidence in the case. So is this the perfect crime? Will the killers walk away scot free? And what happens now? Neeraj Chauhan reports for The Indian Express

The CBI finally admitted on Tuesday that it does not have sufficient evidence against the domestic helps accused in the murder of teenager Arushi Talwar and household help Hemraj.

The investigating agency said in a press conference today that it has been unable to file chargesheet against Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal within the stipulated 90-day period. With Mandal already out on bail, the other two also look set to get bail.


The killers could have been caught in a day but the tragic Aarushi-Hemraj saga has slipped into the realm of frenzied speculation. In Tehelka, Harinder Baweja and Tusha Mittal sift facts from fiction:

Theories. Lie detectors on overdrive. Salacious rumours. Umpteen narco analysis tests. Arrests. News alerts and breaking news. Charges and counter-charges and the case just drags on and on. More than a month since the horrific killing of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade, the circus macabre continues.

Life could not have changed more dramatically – or tragically – for the dentist couple, Dr Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. Till the night of May 15, Rajesh, Nupur and Aarushi lived a reasonably happy life. The father sat in his daughter’s room, surfing the net and sending e-mails out. The mother was chatting with her daughter and lingered in the 14-year-old’s room for a few minutes after Rajesh retired at about midnight.


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Aarushi murder: A mother’s story

Police have arrested Rajesh Talwar, the father of a teenage girl, Aarushi, in connection with her murder and that of their male servant. Arushi’s body was discovered at her house in Noida, a prosperous suburb of Delhi. The parents are well known dentists. Aarushi’s mother, Dr Nupur Talwar, spoke to NDTV:

NDTV: Nupur, this must be a very tragic time for you – your daughter is dead and your husband is in judicial custody. We understand you would not talk about the details of the case, but tell us your story.

Dr Nupur Talwar: All I can say is my life has come to an end. Aarushi and Rajesh were my life. I lost Aarushi eight days ago who was murdered in a brutal way. Rajesh doted on his daughter. It couldn’t be the way they are suggesting this. This is totally untrue.

We were such a nice family. I always used to think I must have done something good in my last life to get such a nice family. We had so many plans for her. We were planning a holiday. We were about to celebrate her birthday. Rajesh told Aarushi to call as many friends, even if it were to become expensive. I don’t know what to say. I have faith in the legal system. More than that, I have faith in God. I hope justice is done.

[Photo: Aarushi Talwar's father Rajesh and mother Nupur. PTI]

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Aarushi case: How not to investigate a murder

Shoddy police investigation culminating in the arrest of Dr Rajesh Talwar, the father 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar, run like a leitmotif in the aftermath of the gruesome crime. Vandana K. Mittal raises some questions in Merinews.

THE GRUESOME murder of a Noida school girl, Arushi, on Friday (May 16) has not only rattled the residents of the national capital and the surrounding areas, but also angered them at the way the police has gone about investigating this case of brutality towards an innocent girl.

As the news has flashed across the TV screens and has been reported in other media, the entire nation has gaped in utter disbelief at the shoddy and amateur manner in which the case has been handled. Each passing day has brought forth further news of the cavalier manner in which the local cops have gone about their work.

Even in the best of circumstances our police force is not known for scintillating detective work but with this case of Arushi’s murder they have set new lows. What they have missed is not the fine evidence that needs specialised equipment to detect. They have missed a whole dead body lying at the site of the crime!

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