The great Kerala dowry bazaar

Craze — and demand — for gold in dowry has sent bullion prices soaring, turning marriage into a very hard bargain for women. From Tehelka:

In Kerala, marriage is worth its weight in gold. On January 20 this year, though, a bridegroom-to-be’s happy hopes of a windfall met with a rude shock. In a small village near Kollam, 26-year-old Sreekala walked away from the marriage venue, and later filed a case, when the groom’s family insisted that the entire dowry including 100 sovereigns of gold be paid before the knot was tied. Despite several social reform movements and decades of “revolutionary” Left rule, Kerala remains plagued by dowry.

It’s amidst this widespread sense of humiliation among the state’s women that the Class X-educated Sreekala has quickly grown to be an icon of self-respect. Though the groom’s family later adopted a more conciliatory stance, Sreekala refused to withdraw her complaint under the Dowry Prohibition Act. A week later, on January 27, her cousin Ramesh married her in a ceremony that saw hundreds of cheering attendees from across the district.


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  • A shocking story – Sreekala’s story from kerala- there. It’s a black spot on the very humanity in this ‘modern’ time. When do you learn? When do you realize? When do we grow a little higher than this engrossed chain of mad body/gold chain? Are we really freed. May be freed from our the Brtish rule, but never from our own brutal mind-chained rule and greed; false pride and prejudices. What the hell to do with the Left people and leaders, apart from wearing black badges and do dhrana and some drama. In the root, in the deepest core of the hearts of the masses should occur any changes or transformation, if at all we dream of anything. Our politicians and priests are just the sweet parasites.

  • “demand — for gold in dowry has sent bullion prices soaring”
    Thats a wrong statement. Its due to dollar devaluation and commodity price increase in international bullion markets that increased the price.

    In international markets gold volume per day is many times annual demand in India…

    I think after some years this dowry pblm reverse and man will start giving dowry due to demand supply mismatch of females…

  • now a days in kerala the dowry rats are increasing even among the poors. this is only because of the getting help from the rich people for dowry marriage.this must be discouraged.

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