Was A.Q. Khan selling secrets to India too?

David E. Hoffman at Foreign Policy:

One of the unsolved mysteries of the A. Q Khan nuclear proliferation network is whether there was another nation that benefited, beyond Iran, North Korea and Libya. Khan, the metallurgist who played a key role in Pakistan’s quest for the atomic bomb, acknowledged selling equipment and plans that could be used for nuclear weapons to these three countries, but, by some accounts, he and his associates also referred to a hidden “fourth customer.”

Now, Joshua Pollack, an expert on nonproliferation whose work has appeared in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the ArmsControlWonk.com blog, and the Nonproliferation Review, has written an article with a surprising suggestion: the fourth customer might have been Pakistan’s bitter rival, nuclear-armed India.

In a piece just published in Playboy, Pollack lays out some evidence that the Khan network’s wares–including the key features of centrifuges needed to enrich uranium to higher levels for a weapon–may have found their way to India. More:

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