Mood of hopelessness in Karachi

Pakistan’s electoral process has been stifled by the spectre of suicide bombings and the long shadow of Musharraf. Kamila Shamsie, author of the novel Broken Verses, on The Guardian website.

Earlier this month in Pakistan, a popular television show instructed viewer on the proper method of casting a ballot in the coming elections. Th programme was the satirical 4 Man Show, and the elections in questio are being run by a music channel to determine the people’s choice for best VJ The subtext to the skit was the listlessness surrounding those other elections i Pakistan, scheduled for February 18

On the streets of Karachi there are few visible signs of campaigning, aside from banners announcing various constituency candidates. But many of those banners have been in place since the run-up to the January 8 elections, which were postponed following Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, and the slogans on the Pakistan People’s party banners – The Return of Benazir is the Return of Hope – now sound a note of doom.


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  • sadness. i don’t know what to say, honestly. What I can say is that we will find out after the elections what path Pakistan is going to walk down (willingly, or unwillingly).

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