How Islamicised is the Pakistan army?

Myra MacDonald on Reuters Blogs:

While living in Delhi after 9/11, and in particular after India and Pakistan nearly went to war over an attack on the Indian parliament on December 13, 2001, one of the questions that cropped up frequently was about how much the Pakistan army had been permeated by hardline Islamists. In other words, how much sympathy did the army feel for al Qaeda and Taliban militants that then General Pervez Musharraf had pledged to fight?

Several years later, while researching a book on the Siachen war, I had occasion to travel with the Pakistan army and assess the Islamist question up close. My impression was that the Pakistan army was not driven by religious fanaticism. Yes, it exhorted its soldiers to embrace “shaheed”, or martyrdom, in the name of Allah. But it was otherwise remarkably similar to the Indian army.


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  • What is the similarity between the Indian and Pakistani army? Have you looked in to how each side treats their POWs? other then having 2 eyes 2 ears and same sense of hunger and pain what other similarity did you find between both armies attitudes and ideologies?

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