New Indian on the Hollywood block

Variously dubbed the ‘new Mira Nair’ or the ‘finer Shekhar Kapur’, Shalini Kantayya is Hollywood’s latest, happening Indian origin film-maker, says Sharin Bhatti in Mail Today

Shalini Kantayya

“Hi. It’s fabulous to hear an Indian voice the first thing in the morning,” Brooklyn-based Shalini Kantayya chirps at the other end of the line when we contact her from Mumbai. Well, fabulous things have been regularly happening to Shalini of late. The 30-year-old filmmaker, who first caught the attention of global TV audiences last year on NBC’s talent hunt show, Onation American- born Indian with my own ideas. “When I announced that I wanted to be a filmmaker in my medical family, I was met with shock,” recalls Shalini, who was a Human Rights Major in college. After much haggling over parental resistance, which she wittily describes as “ Bollywood drama”, she was ready for film school.


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Check out this brief preview of A Drop of Life in this Youtube clip:

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