Mumbai terror: the attack on Nariman House

Commandos stormed Nariman House, the Jewish centre where hostages were held. Reuters

Commandos storm Nariman House, the Jewish centre where hostages were held. Reuters

Keith Bradsher, a New York Times correspondent, is sending updates from his Blackberry as he watches a commando operation taking place at the Nariman House, home to the Orthodox Jewish group Chabad Lubavitch, in Mumbai. The timestamps are London time (GMT). Mumbai is five and a half hours ahead of his timestamps. Click here for his updates.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 05:32 [11am in Mumbai]
There has been no further shooting for an hour but the police show no signs of releasing their cordon nor are any ambulances leaving. I am heading to the Taj.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 05:16:27
There has now been no shooting for more than half an hour. The street below my rooftop has six schoolbus-sized buses parked where none were before. All appear to have carried more commandos to the fight. Only one bus is still full of commandos, apparently held in reserve, while the rest are nearly empty.
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 04:56:03
After 15 minutes of silence, five commandos in black with heavy-duty body armor have approached the building. Four are carrying assault rifles and the fifth, possibly their officer, has a radio in his right hand.

Israel – India’s rescue efforts ‘premature and badly planned’

From the Times, UK:

Israel defence officials have criticised the way Indian security forces have handled the terror attacks in Bombay, after it appeared that India turned down their offer of help to defeat the militants.

The officials, from Israel’s security forces, told The Jerusalem Post that the Indian troops prematurely stormed the besieged hotels where militants were holding hostages, risking lives in the process.

Indian counter-terrorist forces were well trained but failed to gather sufficient intelligence before engaging the terrorists, they said.

“In hostage situations, the first thing the forces are supposed to do is assemble at the scene and begin collecting intelligence,” said a former official in Shin Bet, the Israel Security Agency.


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  • How long is the world going to sleep. Pakistan is the cradle of global terrorism.

    World Bank gives grants to Pakistan to develop it’s economy and they buy F16′s, build Nukes and supply Ammo and training to the global jihadis while their Economy grinds to a halt. When will the world wake up?

  • When will this stop? when will the Brits and Americans wake up and look at the Monster that they have created

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