Interview: Priyanka Gandhi

Outlook magazine’s Sheela Reddy catches up with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on the campaign trail.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

How old were you when you gave your first public speech?

I think when I was around 16-17 years.

How are you so clued in to the political scene?

Because my family is involved in it, I’ve grown up in that atmosphere. I’ve always known what is going on. I meet them, I hear what’s going on.

You once described your husband, Robert, as “a good man”. What did you mean?

He is one of the cleanest people I have ever met. He is someone who is completely comfortable in his own skin; he does not get carried away by anything. And considering that this life (in a high-profile political family) was new to him-it has really been only 12 years since he has been in this life-I think the way he handles it is absolutely amazing. More:

And below, Sheela Reddy accompanies Indira’s campaigning granddaughter

A Nose For Politics

The woman dumps a three-month-old sleeping infant in my lap and squeezes forward towards the barricade separating us from Priyanka Gandhi. The woman-mother? grandmother? it’s hard to tell, when the skin is weathered into this ageless, parched brown-has been waiting for over two hours for this moment, oblivious to the heat-a blazing 45°C-compounded by a hot wind blowing fine mists of dust on us. It’s the 13th of Priyanka’s 19 poll meetings for the day, and she goes through her drill-how her family is nothing without people’s support; how Sonia Gandhi is merely a public servant whose duty it is to carry out the public will; and far from doing them a favour, it is the people who’re doing the family a favour with their unstinting support. Read the full story in Outlook:

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