Hindus call on Raj to save the Ram Sethu holy bridge

The Indian Government wants to remove the Ram Sethu, or Adam’s Bridge, to create a new shipping channel that it says will cut 250 miles (400km) and 30 hours from the journey between India’s east and west coasts. Ships at present have to sail around Sri Lanka.

Hindu nationalists are fighting the plans in the Supreme Court, arguing that the Ram Sethu was built by an army of monkeys to allow Lord Ram to rescue his abducted wife – as described in the epic Ramayana.

They want the Archaeological Survey of India to list it as a national monument because of its natural beauty and cultural and religious significance.


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  • Cant we explore technology and create flying ships on those stretch so that it would not disturn the revered corals and also reduce fuel costs. Why should there be only two ways of either clearing the corals or moving around Srilanka. Why cant a new technology help ships navigate through corals or such hard terrain. Isn’t this a facinating problem to solve for those who are yearning to solve problems?

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