Darjeeling – does the champagne of brews really need a new name?

Tea estates face shutdown unless they brand packaging as ‘flavour of Gorkhaland.’ Andrew Buncombe in The Independent:

teaThe tea of Darjeeling is famous around the world. The so-called champagne of brews, the regional variety is prized for its light, delicate taste and soothing aroma.

But estate owners in Darjeeling are under pressure to rebrand their famed tea or face a possible shutdown of production. A separatist movement wishing to create a state for ethnic Gorkhas (or Gurkhas) has demanded that the estates print on their packing the words: “The flavour of Gorkhaland.”

If the estates do not go along with the potentially costly rebranding by the deadline of 7 March, they could find themselves effectively shut down by a series of strikes, similar to those which halted production last summer and forced countless tourists to flee.


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