Ayodhya verdict on Thursday, India on high alert

According to The Indian Express, the court will give its verdict at 3.30 pm September 30.

The verdict will be posted at www.allahabadhighcourt.in/ayodhyabench.html

From The Times of India:

The Allahabad High Court will on Thursday pronounce its verdict on the decades-old title suits seeking ownership of the disputed Ayodhya site, amid signs of an easing of the anxiety about its fallout because of the growing assessment that it may not throw up a clear winner or loser.

This announcement from the HC’s Lucknow Bench, which was set to pronounce the judgment in the sensitive case on September 24 but was stopped from doing so by the Supreme Court, came after the apex court dismissed an appeal to defer the verdict in order to explore the possibility for a negotiated resolution of the case which has defied several similar bids.

While it is sure to mark a crucial point in the fight for the site, Thursday’s verdict is not going to bring closure to the dispute either. More: and also here

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  • Being noble citizen of India I Naribhan Singh hereby appeal to the people nationwide and people of bothe religion that Hindu`s and Muslim`s to be calm and maintain peace on Ayodhya verdict because both Allah Mian and Bhagwan Ram are living in our hearts not in a piece of land for which we are fighting foolishly.

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