India’s shocking pre-diabetic numbers

Kavita Devgan in Mint:

Not yet diabetic, but rapidly getting there. Yes, there is a condition like that, and in India, hand-in-glove with diabetes, it is reaching epidemic proportions.

“The statistics are staggering,” says Chennai-based diabetologist V. Mohan of Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (DMDSC).

The results of the ICMR-INDIAB (Indian Council of Medical Research—India Diabetes) study released in 2011 for adults aged 20 and above showed that an average of 11% had pre-diabetes in India. The prevalence of pre-diabetes in urban areas was found to be higher (13.2%) than in rural areas (8.5%), says Dr Mohan. “We pegged that in 2011 in India there were 62.4 million people with diabetes and 77.2 million people with pre-diabetes,” says Dr Mohan, who also heads the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and was the national coordinator for the study.

“What I find scary is that the disease is progressing at an even faster pace than anticipated earlier,” Dr Mohan says. “According to the (International Diabetes Federation’s) Diabetes Atlas of 2009, there were 50.8 million people with diabetes in India and in 2011, in just two years, this figure has gone up by around 12 million (to 62.4 million). We are obviously going to overshoot, exponentially, the earlier projections for the year 2030, by millions.” more

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