Fashion’s new and bigger role in India

Fashion in India used to be exclusive. Now with as many as three organisers and twice as many fashion weeks, fashion has become a ‘janta’ event, writes Guy Trebay in the New York Times.

2971662206_663c9d5962_mIT’S just something I threw together,” Himanshu Verma, an arts organizer, said at one of the mobbed events marking Wills India Fashion Week here. “It’s called a taxi sari,” he added, referring to the aggressively garish outfit of polka-dotted organza and polyester brocade he wore. That pronoun is no typo, by the way: Mr. Verma is a man.

The luxury malls thrown up over the last several years now look a lot like ghost towns. The few customers remaining seem less disposed to part with their money than just to wander around.

But the urge to participate in the global fashion fray has taken hold in a city that simultaneously played host to two fashion weeks, featuring 150 designers, and to pack hotel halls and poolside lounges and ballrooms to near capacity.


[Pic: Sajjad Shah under the Creative Commons license]

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