I love India, I don’t like Indians

Avirook Sen in The Express Tribune:

I love India. I hate many things about it. I cannot stand its poverty, illiteracy, corruption, and often, impotence. But I think what makes me bristle is its celebration of death, when cloaked in the gaberdine of retribution. Ajmal Kasab, a labourer from Faridkot, was hanged on the morning of November 21 and India celebrated.

He was ‘jhatka’ meat. ‘Operation X’ (the evocative codename for the macabre process of getting him to the gallows with the least fuss) was clean, efficient and secretive. There were no sly YouTube videos, even the prime minister didn’t know. The judicial proceedings — I read them with interest — were almost flawlessly fair. Then, it came down to the mercy of the highest authority in the land on such matters — the president. And the heavy, invisible will of that strange entity called “the people”.

I do not like “the people”. There are many of them. They rejoiced, gloated, when news of the hanging came in. I report on a murder trial in India on a regular basis — one that has the possibility of a similar result. On my way to court, I heard the radio — a jockey cracked a joke about the hanging; a young reporter with a mock under-teen delivery asked the hangman “how he felt”. Television took the story forward: why not use the “momentum” (!) to also hang Afzal Guru for the parliament attack case? More:

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  • the article is a proof of hypocritical behavour of sen.it is because of people like him that justice has become a joke.all these people live in secured environments and have freedom of speech so they think they can speak anything and criticise anyone.i dont understand why these people ask for justice only for terrorists and culprits?they can help and seek justice for crores of people in world who have not done anything wrong and still are need of help.but for cheap publicity they only comment on things which has media attention. These are truly modern world hypocrits.

  • Reading the article made me sad. Well ofcourse you can not expect mature emotions from me as I am a common Indian too. The poverty the dirt the heat makes me sad too. Again the Indian clause as I learnt from the Author. Thanks to him actually for opening my eyes to the scarcity of humanity amongst Indians like me. Ofcourse hundred people celebrating with sweets attracted him and the rest who were busy fighting for there every day meal honestly and not selling their soul to kill people.. well.. common Indians …Well, I do not celebrate when someone is hanged and feel very sad for a life lost but because of my poor judgement I do not support abolishing capital punishment either. Again the lack of common sense among common people. Since his surname is a Sen and since English is still not read that widely in the poor country I would request him to write the same article in Bengali in one of the leading news papers not in eformat but in physical format. Share your brilliant view point, you know. After all you would not want the common people not to read it and gain some common sense atleast would you? Who knows may be they may even line up to sell their souls for heaven or earth or pure existence.

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