‘…but the point is, glaciers are receding’

With the row on glaciers, the heat is on R.K. Pachauri, TERI chief and IPCC chairman. Pachauri speaks of Copenhagen and answers questions on whether the controversy has dented IPCC’s image. From the Indian Express:

You are one of the most visible of climate change activists. Does that open you up for a lot of personal attacks, the kind of what we saw recently in The Daily Telegraph? Is that a problem?

Somebody gave me a piece of advice which I believe in firmly: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. The fact is, I am visible, I am vocal and I am going to be even more so. If that attracts the kind of nonsense, the kind of underhand lies that people pitch against me, I am prepared to take it. I have no hesitation in continuing with what I am doing. I believe society is enlightened and intelligent enough to be able to separate the truth from falsehood. When it comes to pursuing what I believe in, I am a fighter to the end. I will not stop. More

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