The insiders at Infosys

Saritha Rai in The Indian Express:

Infosys Technologies, for long the model of a successful Indian homegrown corporation, has recently missed profit expectations in a tough global technology environment. Margins are squeezed and attrition is high, as stock market investors have noted of a company that has only delivered stellar performances, quarter after quarter.

But all that collectively is not as unsettling as the bumpy leadership transition that the star firm is going through. For years, the CEO’s chair passed from one founder to another. And Infosys had us all convinced that this was still a meritocracy.

It is only since last week, when Infosys board member and human resources chief T.V. Mohandas Pai resigned in a sulk, that Infosys’ brand of nepotism — substituting the idea of a blood inheritance with a seemingly abstract but equally expectation-ridden idea of co-founders — is widely being called to public question.

Why would a company, whose bar on every other corporate and social yardstick has been exceptional, not want to reward Pai’s 17-year record with a top-level position? Only because he wasn’t amongst the seven founders? More:

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