Pakistan’s rich list

This list of 44 of Pakistan’s richest people was posted at the blog Teeth Maestro and was compiled before Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

Asif Ali Zardari (net worth £900 million) comes in at #2 and his ‘industry’ is listed as politics. His assets are said to come from kickbacks, including $200 m from Dassault for the purchase of 32 Mirage jets while his wife was Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif along with Shahbaz Sharif weighs in at #4 after being forced to forfeit $9 m and other assets when he was deposed in 1999.

The list does not include Pakistan’s military millionaires (see post elsewhere on this site).

The post has generated a fair amount of debate and comment (including those on its authenticity), but for whatever it’s worth, here it is:

Short-listing Pakistan’s most influential business magnates or Groups has never been an easy task because there are the people who have been very powerful in nearly every regime that has held this country’s reins since the last 60 years and then we have had those seasonal species that maneuvered their voice to be heard better than most within the power corridors, but later vanished into the oblivion for one reason or the other. We have selected only those tycoons who have made their presence felt for a better part of country’s history, have earned consistently, have been setting up units at regular intervals or have been legends in stocks, currency or real estate business.



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  • I just came across this blog and it seems to me to be a new one. I am really amazed at the very idea of this blog and i wish you best of luck with your endeavour. I am also a relatively new blogger and am trying to see new and innovative ideas. Keep me posted if you have any good ideas worth sharing.
    Now about the Billionairs of Pakistan, i will just quote one proverb “Baad Sa baadnam Bura”. I hope you understand urdu so whati mean to say is the fourty people on the list just got bad name while the real culprits stays behind the curtains. In Pakistan, we dont see anyone who is proud to be called a Billionair as it will have alot of implications for him. Not only it will attract mafia but also it will attract tax authorities and National Accountability Bureau. Most of the time, billions are not honestly made so it is better to hide it rather then boast about it.
    This is one bitter reality of Pakistan and i am sure future generations will make sure to change this!
    M Junaid Khan

  • Hi Junaid, just saw this.

    First, thanks for your encouragement. We are just over one week old, and still learning as we go along.. What is your blog about? I’ll take a look and get back to you.
    Did you see the post elsewhere in this blog on Pakistan’s military millionaires? I think the problem of corruption is common to all — it links us together along with our culture and history!

  • Before getting married to Benazir , asif zardari was owner of a cinema and now he is billionaire,
    where did he got this money from
    the only and only answer is from corruption

    but whether he looted this money abroad or in some other country?

    the only and only answer is no , it was Pakistani peoples money which he looted
    but look at PPP , they still want this corrupt person, he is their chairman,

  • This list seems to miss a few big names like reowned Karachi Stock Market Brokers Arif Habib and Jahangir Siddiqui.They both have banks bearing their names and almost always bid in Privitization processes remember Steel Mills and Pak American Fertilizers? well any regular followers of KSE would know that the market capitalization of their holding companies i.e. Arif Habib Securities and Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. happen to be nearing 1 billion $ & 2 billion $ respectively a fact which can b found out by inquiring deep into the KSE website. Now they deserve their names in TOP FIVE!!!As of Zardari I dont believe he has enough money since his father was just known to b a small landowner & also owned Bambino Cinema which is not a big deal so kindly correct this list

  • I wonder how long traditional brokers will be around with all of the online options for people.

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