‘Etiquette classes’ for Brits heading to India

From The Times, UK:

It is an age-old dilemma for British professionals heading into unchartered territory. Do I greet my host with a shake of the hand, a bow or with hands clasped? Will my female host be offended if I give her a kiss on the cheek, or will she run screaming from the room?

Now in an attempt to get Brits to improve their behaviour when they go to India, a Government-backed group has set up new ‘Indian etiquette classes’.

The UK-India Business Council – which was set up by the Government to support investment and trade between the countries – says its classes are vital because India is now attracting a record number of visiting UK business leaders, with its economy expanding so quickly that it has been tipped to overtake the UK as the world’s fifth largest within a decade.


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