Ramachandra Guha: The constant writer

In Open magazine:

Q What is your normal writing day like?

A I write every day from about nine in the morning to one in the afternoon. In 1995, when I began to write full-time, my son went to school and my young daughter to playschool. My wife runs an office, so she was away as well and the home was quiet from about nine to one. That’s when I developed this writing schedule. During this time, I don’t check emails, don’t take phone calls. Once I’m done, I take a printout of whatever I’ve written and reflect on it in the afternoon, while I’m catching up with the newspapers.

Q Where do you write?

A I have a study. In this study, I have two or three things around me, the keepsakes of people I admire. One is the autobiography of an extraordinary doctor, who was one of the most selfless and compassionate people I knew. There’s nothing really important—some pieces of art and my computer. I don’t believe in too many writing rituals. More:

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