Cross-country race

In the Indian Express, Devyani Oniyal reviews Manjushree Thapa‘s Seasons of Flight (Viking):

Winning a green card in the US government’s diversity lottery, a young Nepali girl arrives in Los Angeles. Her journey follows a trajectory familiar to many immigrants: from finding a corner of home away from home — in her case living with a Nepali family in Little Nepal — to moving out and embracing the American way of life to realising that the past can be put on hold but can’t really be shaken off and that reinventing oneself is not as final as it sounds. “It was and it was not far, where she came from. Some days her birth village felt centuries away, and other days it was too close, she could not get far enough away from it.”

In Manjushree Thapa’s novel Seasons of Flight, Prema leaves behind a country caught between Maoist insurgency and brutal counter-insurgency, and a sister who has joined the Maoists. Her flight takes her from her village up in the hills of Nepal to a beachside neighbourhood of LA. She leaves behind an ageing father to work as a homecare attendant of an elderly American woman. More:

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